2024 Challenge Schedule

Hey everybody!

We're going to shake things up a bit in 2024! We've been playing straight 'Anything Goes with the Featured Birthstone Colors' since we started this new challenge in January 2023. The birthstone colors don't change and we don't want anybody to get bored, so we're adding an optional theme to each challenge!

Note that the themes are 
optional and not required to play in our challenges. Participants are more than welcome to continue playing 'Anything Goes' but we'd love to see some creativity with the themes!

#7 - Jan/Feb - Anything Goes with Garnet & Amethyst + optional NEW BEGINNINGS (new job, new home, new baby, etc.)

#8 - Mar/Apr - Anything Goes with Aquamarine & Diamond + optional BIRTHDAY

#9 - May/Jun - Anything Goes with Emerald & Pearl + optional WEDDING/ANNIVERSARY/ ENGAGEMENT

#10 - Jul/Aug - Anything Goes with Ruby & Peridot + optional THANK YOU

#11 - Sep/Oct - Anything Goes with Sapphire & Opal + optional FRIENDSHIP

#12 - Nov/Dec - Anything Goes with Topaz & Turquoise + optional GET WELL